Sleep apnea may be a new issue for you, or perhaps you have been struggling with a noisy and uncomfortable CPAP machine for a while. At, our doctor, Dr. Thomas Hale, and our team offer a wide assortment of sleep apnea appliances in Naples, Florida, to help you easily and comfortably get the rest you need. You can see the line of appliances we offer in the gallery below. With over 150 FDA-approved products, we will be able to find the right one for you! Call our office at 239-593-0880 today and schedule your visit.

Check back soon for to see our appliances.


Dr. Hale is very friendly, patient and helpful in explaining your situation. I was extremely impressed with his manner.
A very warm and friendly environment! One on one. Dr Hale was very gentle and accommodating. Most importantly… He did an excellent job!
The office was organized, the staff makes you feel very welcomed and comfortable. They take care of their patients and not treat us like we are just another number.


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